Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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Stonkingly enjoyable medieval, folk and world music!

Magna Carta
Bookings are still available for fabulous story & song

Sing We Yule!
***Get a 6-piece band for the price of a 5-piece***


Breaking Borders Building Bridges
1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement - Joglaresa celebrate 1000years of Arabic, Jewish and Turkish music before this divisive moment.

Click here for Joglaresa's Magna Carta educational resources

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"Thrilling and haunting" The Times

"carnival-like exuberance ... enjoyable and virtuosic" FROOTS

Early music's 'bit of rough' - this UK-based band sounds more like a street band than a solemn early music group. Joglaresa embodies the boldness and improvisatory chutzpah that gets straight to the heart of medieval music.

Comprising outstanding international performers from classical, world, folk and jazz, Joglaresa has a sound that is at once traditional and contemporary - combining intoxicating elements of Medieval, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and Celtic musics, they create a unique London sound that is both extrovert and intimate.

"Joglaresa's imaginative use of improvisation creates an exciting air of authenticity ... compulsive rhythmic energy ... luxuriantly ornamental solos" The Telegraph

Applications from fiddlers and singers interested in auditioning for Joglaresa - click here