Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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"carnival-like exuberance ... enjoyable and virtuosic" FROOTS Magazine

"A superior collection of first-rate musicians" Songlines Magazine

"a felicitous exchange of ideas between Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East" The Guardian

The Enchantress of Seville

Joglaresa explore the roots of Iberian song - motets from the Convent of Las Huelgas, Arab-Andalusian ballads and Judeo-Spanish romanzas. With medieval and traditional instruments from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Joglaresa perform songs, kept alive through centuries of tradition - a colourful and timeless kaleidoscope of Occident and Orient connecting the Occident to the Orient, and the 11th to the 21st century.

I am worthy of the best, by Allah,
And proudly I walk, with head aloft.

Wallada, C11th poetess of Cordoba

MP3s: Bailava en Tetuan

Esta muntanya

Hibbi zawidni

Ya Hadiya

Kondja mia

Una matika de ruda

Law kana ishqu bi l-qubal

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Belinda Sykes - voice, bagpipes, director
Victoria Couper - voice
Cerian Holland - voice, harp
Elisabeth Flett - fidel, voice
Elsa Bradley - dulcimer, percussion, voice

[Very possibly with extra musicians from amongst:
Angela Hicks - voice
Guy Schalom - percussion
Jordan Murray - dulcimer, percussion, voice
Jonny Akerman - dulcimer, percussion, voice
Stuart Hall - oud, kemen├že]

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JoglaresaJoglaresa Joglaresa

Joglaresa Joglaresa


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Downloadable hi-res photos: