Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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Joglaresa - Concert Programmes
Click on image for details (All Programmes © Joglaresa)


The Nine Herbs Charm

An evening of magic and myth 2020/2021

Sing We Yule!

Celebrate Yule with Joglaresa - ancient style! For December 2019

Bring Us Good Ale

Wassails, Feasting and Singing December 2020


Lullay Myn Lykynge

Lullabies and carols for Christmas 2021


The Enchantress of Seville

Joglaresa explore the roots of flamenco - Arabic ballads, Judeo-Spanish romanzas and ancient Christian chant.

The Virgin Queen

Spoken word and song for adults and teens - Sally Pomme Clayton weaves a magical tale, with Joglaresa's melody and song.


Nuns & Roses

Celebrating all that is sinful, subversive, or downright criminal - can be amplified for arts centres and outdoor festivals - Electro-Medieval!


Love in Time of Unicorns

Medieval songs of love, desire and longing


The Scimitar & the Sword

Muslim, Jewish and Christian music from all sides of the Crusade Wars

The Carpet of Dreams

Jewish and Muslim Stories and Song (family programme)




The Two Marys

Virgin, Magdalen, grail mythology... (the Da Vinci Code...)


The Maiden & the Unicorn

'Recession-busting' Medieval Song for Voices, Fidel and Harp