Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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"carnival-like exuberance ... enjoyable and virtuosic" FROOTS Magazine

"A superior collection of first-rate musicians" Songlines Magazine

Dancing in Tetuán
Judeo-Arabic dance songs, Sephardic wedding songs, Berber rhythms and Moorish romanzas from the heady, hot spices of Andalusia and the Maghreb.

Joglaresa has a sound that is at once traditional and contemporary - combining intoxicating elements of Middle Eastern, Latin and Celtic musics. With flamenco guitar, oud, darabuka, bendir, cláirseach and searing vocals they meld together a sound that is both extrovert and personal.

Includes songs by Rabbi Yehuda Halevi of Tudela (d.1146), Moses Ibn Ezra of Granada (d. c.1140), Solomon Ibn Gabirol of Saragossa (d. c.1058) and Todros Abulafia of Castile (d.1306) - many of these songs survive in today's aural traditions, and in places as far-flung as Tangier, Sarajevo and Calcutta.

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MP3s: Bailava en Tetuan

Esta muntanya

Hibbi zawidni

Ya Hadiya

Kondja mia

Una matika de ruda

Law kana ishqu bi l-qubal


Joglaresa(Downloadable hi-res photo)

Belinda Sykes voice, bagpipes, director
Jeremy Avis voice
Stuart Hall oud, guitar, kemence
Angela Hicks voice, harp
Guy Schalom percussion

Downloadable hi-res photos: