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Hazel Askew - voice, harp, melodeon

Hazel is a singer, musician and composer from London who grew up immersed in folk music and stories. She spent her childhood at folk festivals, dancing and playing for Morris, Appalachian and Rapper dance teams and being inspired by songs and ballads. She followed her love of stories to Newcastle University to English Literature with Music, where she gained a first class degree as well as the Harry Clews Prize for her folk singing recital.

As well as playing with Lady Maisery, Hazel spends her time singing and playing melodeon with her sister Emily as The Askew Sisters, who have now released three critically acclaimed albums and with whom she won Best Female Singer at the Spiral Earth Awards 2011.

Hazel's love of music and narrative has also led her to work as a composer for film, theatre and dance. She has written music for stage productions by companies including Darren Ellis Dance, The Hampstead Players and Shakespeare in Styria. She recently composed the orchestral score for More Film's trilogy of fairy stories 'Tales', as well as a popular music soundtrack for their upcoming film 'International Men's Day'. She recently scored the music and songs for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre's series on Original Pronunciation at their new Jacobean Indoor Playhouse.
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