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Bookings for 2021/2022/2023

The Nine Herbs Charm
Magic and menace” Hilary Finch, The Times

A supernatural cookbook of potions, magic, myth, herbs and horticulture, science and medicine, healing mind and body, rhythms and chants. Joglaresa combine spoken word with ancient and newly-composed song based on the Nine Herbs Charm - a 1000yr old Anglo-Saxon spell.

From the mists of the Dark Ages come effective anti-bacterials - in 2015 scientists discovered that a 1000yr old remedy could kill the hospital superbug MRSA and that the Anglo-Saxons already had some notion of airborne disease.

The Nine Herbs Charm not only contains anti-bacterial potions but is delivered in a way that promotes improved emotional health, since it involves chant and song - we now know that singing and dancing lead to better health of mind and spirit in that the healer is directed to sing the charm three times over the herbs.

Joglaresa will be applying for funding for this programme and are delighted to announce that Kerry Andrew (winner of British Composer Awards 2017 and composer for BBC Proms 2018) will be composing for this project.

While this whole programme makes an amazing concert performance in its own right, Joglaresa warmly invites festivals and venues, who have a community choir or link with schools' outreach, to book the larger-scale version, in which they can take part in the unfolding story: workshops with local, amateur singers (community choir, or schools 9yrs old+) lead to a combined performance led by an amplified Joglaresa.


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