Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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The Scimitar and the Sword

Muslim, Jewish and Christian music from all sides of the Crusade Wars

"a felicitous exchange of ideas between Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East" The Guardian

"providing untypical perspectives on early Arabic culture and the influence of Western Christian Invaders.... disturbingly contemporary-sounding concerns for life, liberty and justice" The Independent

A Radical reworking of the Crusades theme - Joglaresa perform songs and poetry directly related to the Crusade Wars by medieval Arabs, Jews and Christians. Laments to touch the soul and pierce the heart, subtly interweaved with lighter anecdotes by the sharp-witted Arab chroniclers. This is the first time any early music group has researched such a programme, and represents the first modern performance of these songs!

Luto carens

Richard the Lionheart's 'Ja nun hons pris'
Ire si vis

BBC Television's Crusades Documentary: