Belinda Sykes & JOGLARESA

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The Carpet of Dreams

Jewish and Muslim Stories and Song (suitable for children of 9yrs and older)

Sally Pomme Clayton - storyteller

Belinda Sykes - voice, director

Stuart Hall - oud, violin

Tim Garside - nay, percussion

 Joglaresa are joined by storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton to create a mesmerizing atmosphere of stories and songs. Joglaresa create a luscious world of Jewish and Arabic music and song. Joglaresa's stunning and exotic music is interspersed with haunting epics, spirited romances and unknown fragments of myth, as Sally Pomme Clayton draws on her extensive Middle Eastern repertoire to create a spellbinding performance.

MP3s: Onde Que Tope | Quantas sabedes | Taqsim

Sweet and spicy stories flavoured with living sound, set in strange worlds, that yet seem strangely close. The activity of storytelling occurs all over the world, sitting round a fire, relaxing on piles of cushions. Telling tales is an essential part of every culture, and a way of bringing the voices of our ancestors into the future.