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CDs ship to anywhere in the world for only £2 (Postage & Packing)

Douce Dame Debonaire - Medieval French Song *** £6 Xmas special discount***
8-page CD booklet contains complete original songtexts, plus English translations

Listen: De moi dolereus | Lai de Nostre-Dame | Douce dame debonaire | Douce dame jolie 

Magna Carta - 800yrs of rebels & royals £5
Live recording produced as a 27min EP in a cardboard sleeve

Listen: Miri it is | Ne m'oubliez (Robin&Marion motet) | Quant vei lo temps renovelar (harsh criticism of King John)

Nuns & Roses - Medieval Songs of Sin & Subversion £15
16-page CD booklet contains both programme notes and song translations

Listen: Ire sivis (anti Crusades) | Cuncti simus (dancing in church) | Co la madre (female bishops?)
Magno/Hush/Trotto (casting down the proud)| O admirabile (gay love)

In Hoary Winter's Night - Irish & English Songs of Wintertide £15
4-page CD booklet contains notes on the songs

Listen: Down in Yon Forest | Blow Northerne Wynd | Wassail | Coventry Carol

Dancing in Tetuán - Judeo-Arabic Song, recorded in London's Abbey Road Studios £12
8-page CD booklet contains notes, plus English translations.
Listen: Bailava en Tetuan | Esta muntanya | Hibbi zawidni | Ya hadiya | Kondja mia  

Stella Nuova - Celebratory Songs of Medieval Italy £8 Reviews
4-page CD booklet contains short programme notes in English, plus most verses of the original songtexts

Listen: Madonna Santa Maria | Danza: Ave Maria | Laudata sempre sia | Salutiam divotamente Madre che festi | Puer natus

Magdalena - Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen £12 Reviews
28-page CD booklet contains extensive programme notes in English, French and German, and original songtexts plus English translations


Listen: Ave, plena Magdalena | Chanter voel | O Maria, prius via | Ave, clari generis | O Maddalena | Novum festum

Ballads of Love & Betrayal - Sephardic Songs Reviews

SOLD OUT (awaiting reprint)!
Please nag: Village Life Records...

Listen: Onde Que Tope | Miyya Impro | Ya Hamaami