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Nuns & Roses

Joglaresa 'bringing anarchy and sensuality back into medieval music' (because life can be just as low in Latin...).

Ballads of illicit love and villainous seducers, subversive medieval re- workings of hymns by errant monks, and lots of noses thumbed at authority - all delivered with Joglaresa's inimitable energy, irrepressible cheeriness, rebellion and, above all, FUN!

This programme can also be 'electro-medieval' for arts centres and outdoor festivals.


The CD:
MP3 excerpts below:
Cuncti simus (ecclesiastical subversion)
Co la madre (female bishops?)
Ire si vis (military subversion)
The Shepherdess (romantic subversion)
O admirabile (sexual subversion)
Magno (political subversion)

"ground-breaking ensemble of cultural nomads ... I was blown away by their charm and originality" The Scotsman

"irresistibly catchy tunes... compulsive rhythmic energy"
The Telegraph