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The Maiden & the Unicorn
Secrets & Desires in Medieval Song

Imagine the world of the Middle Ages... this programme lives up to all your medieval fantasies: knights, ladies, lovers, nightingales, minstrels, and unicorns. Some of the most beautiful medieval melodies are to be found in the courtly love-drenched world of the trouvères - Fin amors had so affected the culture and imagination of Europe throughout the last thousand years that C.S. Lewis described it as a 'revolution' compared to which 'the Renaissance is a mere ripple on the surface of literature.' This programme will sound heavenly in a church acoustic.

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1. De moi doloreus Guiot de Dijon (fl. early C13th)
2. En Mai au douz tems Anonymous Reverdie
3. Commencerai a fere un lai Thibaut de Champagne (d. 1253)
4. Douce Dame Debonaire Anon, Roman de Fauvel
5. Pange melos lacrimosum Anonymous, School of Nostre-Dame
6. Danse Royale Anonymous Estampie
7. Douce dame jolie Guillaume de Machaut (d. 1377)
8. Plus bele/L’autrier/Quant revient Anonymous motet
9. Je chevauchoie l’autrier Moniot de Paris (fl. mid C13th)
10. Planctus ante nescia Anonymous Lay
11. Aurea personet lira Anonymous Lay
12. Flos in monte cernitur Anonymous, School of Nostre-Dame
13. Li Lai de Nostre Dame Ernoul de Gastinois
14. Quant je sui mis au retour Guillaume de Machaut (d. 1377)
15. Li Lai de Vénus Anonymous Lay, Roman de Fauvel

Total length: 63'02"

Douce Dame Debonaire - French Medieval Song