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Bring Us Good Ale
Rhythm and Booze - Medieval Style

Belinda Sykes - voice, bagpipes, director
Angela Hicks - voice, harp
Victoria Couper - voice
Louise Anna Duggan - percussion, voice, dulcimer
May Robertson - fidel, voice
Jordan Murray - dulcimer, percussion Joglaresa

Downloadable hi-res photos:



For December 2020 bookings, book the UK's most toe-tapping medieval band for wassails, carols, yuletide song, rhythm and booze (booze optional) to conjure up darkness, firesides, feasting and singing. Maybe get your local brewery to sponsor us!

In the Middle Ages everyone, young and old, drank a lot of ale since water was often dirty and the process of brewing killed many germs [although the drinking beer thing, instead of water, may be an exagerrated but delicious myth!] The rich drank imported wine. . .

Songs such as Bring Us Good Ale, which is a cheeky medieval re-working of Gabriel's salutation to Mary. Joglaresa love these reworkings (the techique of contrafactum - writing a new text for an existing melody) and often devise their own in addition to original medieval contrafacta. Other songs includeThe Boar's Head Carol, Wynter Wakeneth and a wassail or two.



"never a dull moment... brilliantly off kilter"
BBC Music Magazine

unhingedThe Arts Desk

""Joglaresa continues to delight and surprise"
Classical Music Magazine

""ground-breaking ensemble of cultural nomads ... blown away by their charm and originality..." The Scotsman

MP3 Demos:
A Wassail, a Wassail
Blow Northerne Wynd
The Boar's Head Carol
Lullay my Chyld

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