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The World Turn'd Upside Down!

Topsy turvy medieval themes - a grumpy nightingale, alluring donkeys, a king in prison, killer rabbits and a talking sheep. Subversive medieval re- workings of hymns by errant monks, and lots of noses thumbed at authority - all delivered with Joglaresa's inimitable energy, irrepressible cheeriness, rebellion and, above all, FUN! Medieval song is full of surprises - enjoy them with the harp, fidel, percussion and voices of Joglaresa

MP3 Demos:
Anti Crusades song
Douce dame jolie
Ave, clari generis
Quant vei lo temps renovelar
Miri it is while sumer ilast

The internet is currently fizzing with quirky and seditious medieval art found in the margins of more solemn tomes - Twitter feeds such as this one gained more than 70,000 followers in a couple of weeks. These pictures perfectly capture the essence of Joglaresa's medieval minstrelsy - cheerful, fun, always engaging and ever such a little bit mischievous...

Thrilling and hauntingThe Times

"sound scholarship, a combined experience of many musical cultures, and a spirited delivery of stories"
Early Music Today

Downloadable Hi-res photos (photo credit: Andrew Dunn)

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